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Clare Luther writes carefully researched children's picture books about emotions, attitudes, choices and behaviour for 3-8 year olds. She uses her stories to engage children and carers in a dialogue for emotional wellbeing.


Clare's stories are written in rhyme and her themes sensitively tackle tricky thoughts and feelings using relatable words. Each story encourages children to have a better understanding of themselves, work through challenges and learn about empathy.

Clare runs author workshops and interactive storytelling sessions to help young children explore their everyday big emotions using The Daesy Dialogue (a framework of words beginning with 'a' and 'eto get emotional wellbeing conversations started, such as Acknowledge, Encourage etc.)

Reception Teacher

“The children were eager and comfortable to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with Clare who valued each child's contributions. It was a wonderful experience for children and teachers alike."

Head of English

"Clare was so warm, vivacious and had the children eating out of the palm of her hand and giggling with delight within seconds of them being sat down in the library.  The Y5-Y6 Book Club absolutely loved her too, as did all the staff who met her!  I feel every household needs her books and have already recommended her to teachers I know in other schools."

Head Teacher

“Clare arrived full of enthusiasm and energy to talk to the children about their fears and feelings. They loved the way she used her dogs from her Dog Hotel to illustrate her messages and are already asking when she is returning!”



For all other other enquiries,

please message Clare HERE.


BOOK Clare HERE for

author visits, school workshops,

INSET training and parent talks,

via Ellie Powling at Speaking of Books.

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